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  • A. Staff Information

    • Name Initial Title Teaching duties (2019-2020) Email
      Miss Ho Sun Yan Anita AH Panel Head 12S/M/J
      9D, S, G, M,L, A, J
      Mr. Leung Sze Yuen Dennis SYL Panel Member G7G,P,A,T
      Mr. Tsang Kwok Cheung Grass KCT Panel Member G7D,S, M, L, J
      G8S,G,P,L, T
      G11S/M/J/ T
  • B. Objectives
    1. To arouse students’ interests in History, particularly the junior boys’ by encouraging interactive and lively teaching methods such as role plays, debates, project works, field visits, etc.
    2. To train the senior boys to be socially and politically concerned, and to be equipped with a critical and analytical mind when they complete the History course.
    3. To integrate various interactive forms in teaching.
    4. To encourage appreciation of school heritage by collaborating with the School Museum Committee.
  • C. Main Activities
    1. To integrate various forms in teaching such as video shows, role plays, debates, project learning, etc. in both normal lessons and extra-curricular activities are reviewed and fine-tuned annually to cater for the problem of learner diversity.
    2. To evaluate students’ work based on the previous performances in public examinations, improving the existing students’ understanding of HKDSE assessment.
    3. Visits of local museums and historic sites are organized by the History Society and in co-operation with other parties to widen students’ horizons through direct experiences with primary and secondary sources of history annually. Moreover, the History Department and the History Society help the work of the School Museum to guarantee that the school heritage can be well preserved and developed.
    4. To encourage teachers to attend seminars organized by EDB, textbook publishers and teacher-training programmes to keep abreast with the latest development in the subject as well as promote continued professional development.
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